Dump of old plone.org tickets

Hi there,

This is not the first time I am confronted to a git log (or old svn log) message that only refers to a ticket number.

Which does not help to understand why a fix was written.

Do we have somewhere a readonly dump of the old issue tracker ?


It's not online as TRAC instance anymore (even read-only) as it contains tons and tons of spam tickets/links. But zgrep should work on it.


Unfortunately, this gives access only to

Old PLIPS and open tickets from Trac, packed as tar.gz

In the case of log messages, it usually is a closed ticket :wink:

Have we kept a dump of the Trac database so that it would be possible to extract the closed tickets as well ? (I'd be happy to make that work if needed)

@polyester Any idea who did the archiving work ? So that I can contact him/her directly...

best shot would be @mauritsvanrees, I think. At least he also worked on the tarball. However, I'm not 100% sure there was even DB access at that point, so it might have been httrack-ed...

The trac instance did get regularly indexed by the Wayback machine, but that's not a scalable solution. You might get lucky on an individual ticket number, though.

From what I see in my mail archive(mail to @svx and Paul on 31 July 2016) , I only made some improvements to the tarball that was already there, and Sven put the improved version online. (I checked, and it is indeed the version I improved, making the pages clickable when they point to other tickets, mostly.) So I guess the original was either made by Sven or Paul, or someone else in the AI team at the time.

@gotcha we've suffered from this in the past: trying to get the motivation of an implementation but no luck. Some related topics:

@svx In [EOL] dev.plone.org you say that dumps will be kept. Do we still have them ? Who should I ask ?