[EOL] dev.plone.org


We sending you this mail to inform you that dev.plone.org will be taken
offline at the end of the year [2015].

If you depend on open issues hosted on dev.plone.org, please make sure
to move them to https://github.com/plone/Products.CMFPlone/issues before
21 of December 2015.

If you depend on other content hosted on dev.plone.org please make sure
to migrate, too.

We will keep dumps and backups so no data is lost.



[in name of the AI-Team]

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Thanks for keeping this running all these years!

You say you are keeping dumps and backups. Will those be accessible online?
Is there a read-only html-only version of the tickets? It would be handy if links like this continue to work:
Is that feasible?

We are not sure yet how it will work. We will look at the data we get from the dump.

We where thinking github + github pages maybe, but we ran out of disk space on our first try, it stopped at about 16 GB. Not sure we want to burden github with that amount of data.

did you try to mirror the site with: wget -mkp https://dev.plone.org/
this should make links to dev.plone.org still work. wget creates for each path a directory and places an index.html file in it - e.g. https://dev.plone.org/ticket/13606 would translate to WEBSERVER_ROOT/ticket/13606/index.html.

I guess the 16GB of data is the whole svn directory, isn't it?

Yes. That is what we are running now. Takes days.

Just a reminder that the date of EOL is getting closer, if you need to move content from dev.plone.org and you have not done it yet now is the time !!!

Can we have in https://archive.plone.org/ all tickets from dev.plone.org, even the closed ones? Now the zip only gives still opened ones.

It would be nice if https://dev.plone.org/ticket/13715 at least redirected to https://archive.plone.org/ as well instead of giving not found.