Does Plone 5 still have Dashboard?

Hi all,
I'm working with P5 and notice that there is no way to access the Dashboard as there was for P4. I see that in groups setup, can still have ability to create dashboards.

Is this still a dashboard in P5. If so, How to access P5 dashboards


Notes: 1) I looked in plone docs ( but no help. 2) when trying to create a group porlet, I get the following warning.

/dashboard ?

FWIW, the group portlet issues... Looks like those links have write on read issues. I've added a couple pull requests to fix: and

@rileydog mentioned elsewhere there being a button in Plone 4 for the dashboard. It was a portal_actions/user/dashboard action, and it doesn't seem to be in P5.

I've opened that as an issue:

And now I also see

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I made a small pull request for this:

Thanks @rileydog and @davilima6 !

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thanks for acting on this. Dashboard is a pretty cool feature