How to allow user (connected) to customize a part of the homepage ? (sort of Netvibes or mini-dashboard)

Hi everybody,
I'm not a dev at all... I'm just admin on a Plone site (diocese of Bordeaux) We're migrating from 4.3 to 5..
I was wondering if there would be a way in Plone to allow the user customize a column in our home page.

The idea is to have a sort of Netvibes experience... E.g : User '1' could display in the column the result of the collections A, B, C and User 2 could choose to display collections X, Y, Z... When they aren't connected, the home page have a default content. When they are connected each one have his "own" column back...

Is that clear ? (It doesn't sound very clear...sorry :confused:) Thanks to tell me if I've got to forget this idea right now or if I can hope to find a solution.. (Sorry by the way for my very bad english ! )

Like a user dashboard?

Plone has a user dashboard where the user can add portlets. There is a portlet that can display content from a collection.

I am not sure if there is a 'link to' the dashboard in Plone 5, but you can find it at:

see: Does Plone 5 still have Dashboard?

Thanks a lot ! IThe dashboard is actually great but... Could we have the same function (user dashboard) but in the home page of a Plone site (so not exactly like the @@dashboard or anz.dashboard).

I would like to have a "basic" home page for everyone and when a user login allow him to have on this home page a customizable part... but a part only (like an mini-dashboard )

E.g : Our site is the portal of the diocese of Bordeaux, a user could be able to display on a part of our home page the latests news from his parish (but just for him when he's connected). An other user connected would prefer to see in the same place the Caritas news, or the Gospel of the day, etc...

Thanks !

Then you would probable need to create a custom front page for this. We have a solution like this for where there is a a global top of the front page and a user configurable part at the bottom. It is designed for logged in users only though.

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Thanks a lot ! It seems to be exactly what I was looking for !!
What a great place to find answers !!

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I think collective.cover might allow permissions on columns.
The only other way I can see of doing it is to use an existing homepage/portlet solution like portletpage, contentwellportlets, c.cover, moasic etc. which lets you list content items. Then use folders and permissions and pages for each panel and diazo the listings result. Not really ideal but we've used it successfully for a related usecase of have a coverpage personalised to the user based on their view permissions.

@jmpetaux You could simply use group portlets. Go to @@manage-group-portlets?key=Administrators for example to add portlets that will be rendered for all members of the "Administrators" group.
In your case, if users 1 and 2 are not already members of distinct groups, you could just create new groups for them. That would become a bit unwieldy if you have a lot of different users, who all need different portlets, but if it's only for a few users, it's fine.

unfortunately the permission settings have been broken for some time and we haven't had a use case to justify fixing it.