Diazo to align non-Plone site with Plone site theme

I'm on a project now where there are two sites for one customer. They have:

  • A Plone site, which acts as the marketing site
  • A non-Plone site that is used for selling products/services.

The non-Plone is very old and managed by a third party. We don't have direct access and can't customize their theme. I'm exploring the feasibility of "proxying" the non-Plone site behind a Diazo theme. Worst case scenario I'll use a stand-alone Diazo server, I'm concerned about messing up the e-commerce functionality.

Should I just use Diazo stand-alone? Are there issues I need to pay attention to? I figure "forwarding" or "proxying" HTTP headers properly will be critical. Any thoughts or guidance would be appreciated.

It hasn't been done often. Last time someone asked this, there was one person who said they'd done it.

Someone's got to do it.

Here's that thread: Using Diazo outside of Plone