Using Diazo outside of Plone

Are any of you using or aware of anyone using Diazo outside of Plone to theme multiple websites so they all look like they're a single web site?

I remember this was part of a WSGI discussion too... /me steps slowly away


I have done successful experiments with Diazo and Kotti. Nothing in production..... yet.

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I gave reasentl a Diazo introduction to Drupal developers and they will use it soon.
But i got some trouble with the Paster Server setup which is documented on
Everything works fine, except that you can not just go to the front page. Then you got redirected to the content page.

For example: works fine
but if you go to you end up on the content url.
We should figure out, whats goin gwrong here and fix the docs.
So that we can have people from outside of Plone using Diazo.

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Not 100% on your question, but I have used Deliverance to theme a Plone site and a Django application, so that both appear under the same theme without any noticeable break between the two parts.

I'm currently rewriting this for Diazo. Everything was easy except the proxying part of the Django contents. This was done previously in Deliverance, now I'm in the process of developing a Proxy addon for Plone.

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I have multiple stand alone diazo setups running in production just to theme php and coldfusion applications.

1 Like used deliverance to pull together several services


We are supporting one site where this is done to merge django and plone, with diazo inside apache.


this looks great!

Hi @tkimnguyen

A time ago (around 2012) I saw a demo made in Venezuela by @ericof (Simplesconsultoria) that show how integrate via Diazo with Wordpress, Drupal, Joomla and Plone.

Also in Plone Conference 2013 at Brasília / Brasil, there was a talk called by "Todo mundo odeia o Diazo" In English means something like "Everyone hates Diazo" by Thiago Garcia Tamosauskas and @cleberjsantos (Simplesconsultoria team) in Brazilian Portugues (I am sorry).

This talk explain how deploy diazo in front your web app like Wordpress, Drupal, Joomla, Plone, etc.

I inspired this demonstrative case and initiatives deployed with Deliverance as, then I decided to create a repository configurations like above show by the team Simplesconsultoria for my Plone theming training or my public demos.

Here the repository

Any improvements or ideas are welcome!

cc @pigeonflight you are welcome again :wink:


@macagua thanks!

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I'm also interested in using 'standalone' Diazo to theme multiple sites at once, but I'm struggling to find any code examples of the configuration used to achieve this in the posts above.

Is anyone able so share any more up-to-date examples or documentation?

Many thanks.

In the Diazo Docs you can find a starting Point.

Three years ago I developed a small plugin for the lektor static site generator to use a diazo theme with it, it's very small and maybe it's simpler to follow.

I have this nginx patch
running in front of plone 3 sites in production for the last 5 years.