Contact-info not translated

contact-info is only partially translated to german.

How and where can I change this?

The translation file you are looking for should be in the link below:

Below are some instructions:

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Plone 5.1 is full of missing translations in particular in DE in particular in the control panel.

This is a major bug and a complete lack of quality assurance in the release process.

Releasing any software - free or commercial - community-driven or company-driven - with such an amount of missing translations is a major usability buy. It damages the product. Would you accept a partly located Windows or MacOS or a different kind of software? Obviously you all accept this fact for Plone.


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Although an interesting and constructive discussion about translations in Plone has been started which was overdue I want to come back to my original topic.

In Plone 4 I handled the missing translation of contact-info by customizing the contact-info template in portal_skins/plone_templates - I just hardcoded the german translation there.

I know this is very dirty and not best practice at all, but it worked :neutral_face:

In Plone 5 there is no such template, at least I can't find it in ZMI.

Are there any hints how I can solve this issue until the official translation has been released? Thanks!

The contact-info can't be customized TTW anymore :disappointed:

It is now registered as a browser view, and the template is assigned withing the view class. This makes it impossible to customize TTW in the ZMI.

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if you are not at the 5.08 version you could possibly try to upgrade your Plone version.
If that's not possible you could try to pin to 5.0.14 last released version for 5.0x.

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I am already on 5.08.

Do you really think pinning to 5.0.14 helps? Are there more translations in it? I mean, I need this contact info. I know it sounds stupid, but my user wants this.

I think this should work:

  1. install collective.easyform
  2. Add a new form with id contact-form (if that does not work, try adding it with another name and rename it in the ZMI)

… this approach used to work with Phone 4 and PloneFormGen, pretty sure it will work quite similar.

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Ah, okay. That will work, you are right.

I thought I could be lazy as I 've read somewhere that Plone ships with 40 or so languages. :grin:

Thanks guys!

maybe since default app.locales for 5.08 is at 5.0.13