email process down?

I am noticing posts on that are not showing up via email subscription; anyone else seeing that same?

Wouldn't that depend on which tags you've said you wanted to be notified about?

@seanupton (I'm guessing you won't get an email :wink: )
I am experiencing the same problem but as I am new around here I wasn't sure if I was doing something wrong.

Screenshot of my relevant Preferences:

[Edit: ooops, the screenshot doesn't show the "email me what's new" which I also have selected.]

Yep, appears to be down. I've checked what can be checked in the Admin settings of Discourse itself; that seems fine. That comes with a 'send test mail' function, which definitely does not reach me.

For more you'd need shell access, which I don't have, to see if the mails actually leave the container in which Discourse is running, as first check. But that's up to those with shell access...

Just a heads up...

I am still not receiving any email notifications.

In the meantime I am using the site RSS feed at:

which at least alerts me to new threads.

I received email notification about your post...

in bound email is the part thats not working. I've sent a lot of messsages that are either queued somewhere or gone. We need to either get rid of the footer that says you can reply by email or make the email work reliably. Who do I ping?

@djay If I'd ever received any outbound emails I would have been able to test whether the inbound email was working :wink:

The problems may not be related but there seems to be a issue with both inbound and outbound email. I'd be happy to follow it up too if I knew who to contact.

Since I am getting notifications it appears outbound email works for at least some of us. I assume you've checked your spam folders or filters and that your notification settings cover everything you wanted to receive and that your email address is correct?

For now it's @martior but contact him on IRC or email.

So @iain will you get notified now? :slight_smile:

@tkimnguyen I am now receiving notifications for new topics and new posts but I'm not sure about @username mentions. Prior to yesterday I hadn't received any emails. I'm not sure what changed yesterday but, in hindsight, it wasn't the changes to my Preferences. When chatting to @martior on IRC yesterday he pointed out that your post had generated an email which I duly received before the changes to my Preferences. Anyway, receiving notifications is now working so, thanks to you both.

@seanupton Now that I have received some notification emails I also tried replying by email, that hasn't worked. I'll try another post by email in reply to this post and see what happens.

[Edit: I sent a reply by email over 30 minutes ago and it hasn't appeared. Reply by email isn't working.]

I disabled reply by email since it is not working. Logs show nothing wrong.

Hello Kim,

thanks for the test.

I received your email, obviously, but never anything from the forum. I
have just posted via the web interface but I will repeat If I knew who
to contact I can follow up on the email problems.