Collective.behavior.amp 1.0a2 released

Continuing the discussion from Accelerated Mobile Pages for Plone:

yesterday I spent some time working on this and I made a couple of releases that can be tested (right now we're using it in production in this news site).

if you visit an article you'll see a link pointing to the AMP HTML version of it:

 <link rel="amphtml" href="${context/absolute_url}/@@amp">

and then if you open that link you'll see the AMP HTML version of the post.

we're still working on some encoding issues found during the deployment, as well as with some corner cases derived from incompatibilities among Archetypes and Dexteirty bases content.

there are also some validation issues that must be resolved, but package from master will not break your site and if you're using only News Items and Dexterity-based content types it should do an honest job.

just go for it!

more on this:


I have installed the add-on on another site (I updated the previous post) and we have fixed the most obvious validation errors. Seems to be working fine now.

We're going to fix some other issues and make a release 1.0b1 after that.