Accelerated Mobile Pages for Plone

I've been reluctant to this for some time… but, Accelerated Mobile Pages support has finally landed into Plone.

for those of you who don't know it, Accelerated Mobile Pages is Google's response to Apple and Facebook moves to keep internet users inside their walled gardens and kill Google's ad revenue. yes, the specification is controversial but we have a customer asking for it.

we'll be releasing 1.0a1 this week with the following features:

  • AMP support implemented as a behavior for Dexterity-based content types
  • fully compatible with Plone 4.3, Plone 5.0 and upcoming Plone 5.1
  • metadata as structured data in JSON-LD format
  • main menu in a navigation sidebar
  • support for lead images
  • integration with social networks if you have installed (not compatible with Plone 5 yet)
  • support for img tags in RichText fields
  • support for related items
  • support for analytics code

code is here:

if you deal with News sites, this is a definitely must have; feedback and contributions are welcomed.

share and enjoy!


May I know if this add-on fully working yet? Thanks

it's in production here:

for instance: