Can you make a TTW Dexterity Content Type that is *NOT* Folderish?

I'm trying to make a Dexterity custom content type TTW. However, the default is a folderish type, and I want to make a type that is not folderish. No, specifying that it cannot contain any content type is not enough. I want to have the new content type contain a file, and thus want to be able to link to it directly (rather than try to link to something within the folder because nothing is allowed in it). Kind of a Catch 22 type of problem.

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TTW content-types being folderish is a known misconception in Plone 5. This issue has been reported and discussed but there does not seem to be anyone interested changing this take it as it is.
If you need non-folderish content-types: write your Dexterity types using Python code...also not a big deal.


Not possible ttw. But it's an easy change, just update the generated XML replacing the line with plone.dexterity.content.Container with plone.dexterity.content.Item

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I dont think its a misconception, it just simplifies a lot and in future the plan is to switch to folderish types - so one base class for everything - also in the default types and make normal items deprecated. This did not happen, because of not yet solved UI/UX issues.