How to remove "There are currently no items in this folder." from a folderish custom Dexterity content type

Hello! I've created a Dexterity content type (Publications) that shouldn't be folderish. I could easily transform the created content type TTW following this topic, by changing its 'Content type class', in the ZMI, from plone.dexterity.content.Container to plone.dexterity.content.Item. It that a bad approach? Is there a better solution? Should I create a view for this new content type?

I tried also in the "Contained items" of the content type settings to add 'No content types', but this unwanted section of 'Contents' still appears.

One easy solution would be to hide it via CSS, since I have in the body a class for the content type.

I think that approach is perfectly fine.

Does this happen if you add a new item?
It should not.
Old content will still have the 'wrong type class', so you need to 'add them again'.

Usually, this is best. Sometimes it is possible to style things with CSS (and or diazo), though.

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