development focus/direction?

I saw some comments that indicate might be the best current pick for a Plone5 ecommerce add-on. I managed to install it on Plone 5.2.1 on Python 3.8 and things mostly work as expected. (I don't get what "update cart" is supposed to do though since cart is updated automatically when items are added...)

But I'd like to understand what's the development targeting or focusing on currently? I see that there's a bootstrap-plone6 branch that's got most active development it seems. Does that target some new bootstrap4-based UI or what? The bootstrap-related changes don't seem that big there though, might be just fixes & tweaks for all that I know... but there's some other improvements there too. One thing I'd be happy to see is pure frontend implementation for cart state, a'la (I know, it's open source, ... so I digress).

Any other pertinent suggestions on using on Plone 5.2.x / Python3.8+ ?

afaik is the most active Plone based shop solution :wink:

We started updating the whole stack to work with Plone 5.2+ (Python 3.7) and to work with the upcoming bootstrap based theme for Plone 6 ( This also included updating yafowil to make it work with bootstrap 4. (still some polishing to do) is using those updated branches, together with collective.collectionfilter and

Regarding changes to the shop packages, there are probably more changes in the actual project implementation which I have to bring to back to the original packages as soon as the project is finished.

Also we did quite some restructuring in which is an implementation of all those shop components including product and productgroup content types.

What we'd like to see for the future of is a shop solution for Plone that works with classic Plone and Volto. Therefore we already implemented some endpoints and also looked at some react cart solutions, looks quite good but no implementation yet.

Let me know if you need some pointers on which branches to use or else...
As always, help is more than welcome!

One more thing ... we're sprinting on modernizing the Plone default theme and every Wednesday from 9:00 (CEST) to the standup at 17:00. Everybody is welcome to join on


I didn't know there was a sprint announced or running at the moment. Was it published on already?

It hasn't been :frowning:

We just continue with the work from - still everybody is welcome to join. But you're right we should plan/announce something more official soon :slight_smile:

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