Access to /Members/folder_contents to a use with no administrative rights to Add a File

Hi everybody.
I want to create a user who is not a site administrator who can access Members folders and add/delete files.
I use Plone 4.3

Create the user in the user panel and then you can use the sharing tab on Member folder ( /Members/@@sharing) and set him as can read, can write, can review.

I tried. But Plone doesn't show the edit bar for the user in that folder. But it does for the other folders.
The user is also Contributor.

Maybe because in Zope (/Members/manage) Plone has a index_html which is not a regular page. Try to rename it to something else, to see if it make some difference.

Taken from memory:
The members folder has its view set to 'index.html' as said above.
This is basically a 'search page'.

Maybe you want to set the view to something else:
go to http://site/Member/manage_main and remove the 'default page', you should then be able to select a 'normal' view