Zope.org expired SSL certs

I mailed security-response@ on april 14 but it looks like someone is asleep at the wheel.
The following zope.org subdomains have an expired SSL certificate:

DNS Name: apidoc.zope.org
DNS Name: bluebream.zope.org
DNS Name: buildout.zope.org
DNS Name: docs.zope.org
DNS Name: download.zope.org
DNS Name: foundation.zope.org
DNS Name: lists.zope.org
DNS Name: mail.zope.org
DNS Name: old.zope.org

I guess @icemac would know someone who can do something about this?

Can I "hijack" this post to ask about some redirections as well? :smile:

I personally are not able to fix it but I am going to ask @jimfulton for help.

Any update? This is still unresolved...

I have not checked all of the subdomains, but at least for docs.zope.org a new Let's Encrypt cert got issued on May 1st.

Additional @dataflake now also got acces to the server.

Next week at the Zope sprint in Halle I will talk to @icemac about what we can do to improve the situation with the old Zope infrastructue.

Thanks for sharing your opinion contributors page.

@jugmac00 I may be able to fix some or all of it this weekend. svn.zope.org and www.zope.org are not hosted on that server I have access to, by the way, so fixes are not as simple.

Please do not continue contacting Jim and or Tres, I can handle this.

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This is now solved. See https://github.com/zopefoundation/www.zope.org/issues/4 for details.

The same is true for the SVN redirects (https://github.com/zopefoundation/Zope/issues/254)