Zope in the background without root privileges


I have a production server which is a shared virtual machine (Centos 7). I have zope 4.4 installed and up and running in the foreground. I can’t, however, follow the directives in the documentation under Running Zope as a daemon, because I do not have sufficient rights on my server.
What are my options to daemonize Zope?
Isn’t there a script comparable to the one used by the Plone install to start, restart and stop a Zope only install? Or do I have to resort to a process manager like Supervisor?
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When I got this right then there are standard tools (at least under *nix) to demonize and monitor anything. Therefore, it was not necessary to integrate such functionality into Zope any longer.

You do not need root privileges for the demonization. Such privileges are required to use privileged ports (below 1024).

Standard tools like supervisor or circus are handy to use with Zope or Plone.
No idea about the situation with zdaemon in Zope 4 but using an external process manager as mentioned before it perhaps more suitable. And root permissions are not needed to daemonize a process, as Dieter explained.

If I'm not mistaken, I can't use the approach described in the documentation under Running Zope as a daemon, which requires to define a service in /etc/systemd/system/, without root privileges.
In the meantime I am well under way with Supervisor. :sunglasses:

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It is also possible to use systemd for that, search for 'systemd user services'. The sysadmin at one of our clients has set up the zope/zeoclient process like that as a non root user.

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