ZMI(Zope Management Interface) demanding repeatively password

While Creating a new site in Plone then The ZMI(Zope Management Interface) asking for password again and again.

Its really irritating. So suggest me appropriate solution for that.

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what about using the right password?

Try logging into the ZMI of Zope ( http:localhost:8080/manage_main ) instead

If that does not work, try /manage_main instead of /manage

AND yes: I have seen this before

@espenmn ( http:localhost:8080/manage_main ) enters me to control panel.. but i want to create a new plone site. during creation of plone site it ZMI gives me error.

@bhartirawatbr, link's broken, the question has been deleted.

I solved out this problem.Actually i made a module in my project so in workflow.xml i mentioned my module.

<type type_id="Reception">
  <bound-workflow workflow_id="bika_one_state_workflow"/>
 <bound-workflow workflow_id="bika_inactive_workflow"/>

 <type type_id="Reception"/>

I actually don't know the workflow_id for this module.I just copy paste this like other modules. So during the site creation setuphandler again and again hitting that workflow, which is not defined anywhere.
That's why ZMI asking password repeatively while i was creating a plone site at localhost.