ZMI only offers ATContentTypes in add menu

The ZMI at some point has only started offering a very short list of content types under the add menu, and it I try to add an image it returns an error. How do I get the entire list of content types that the ZMI used to offer? I have included a screenshot of the entire menu.

Why is this a problem?

Plone content is always managed through the Plone user interface and never through the ZMI. So from the practical point of view: nobody cares because you should not manage Plone content his way. From the technical point of view: stuff showing up in the ZMI must be registered in a special way which is not need for Dexterity content.

So any remaining issue here?


As Andreas says you really should not be using Plone and doing much via the zmi anymore.

I have my own way of working, so there's that. My question is, where did all of the content types that are available for adding in the ZMI not listed in this instance. If I add an image I get an error. As far as I am concerned, this means the site is broken, doesn't it? I mean, shouldn't I be able to add an image to the ZMI without an error?

Your own way? Then deal with it. Your approach is broken, completely broken. If you work through the ZMi than dont use Plone.

If something is broken, check for logs for errors, debug kt yourself. Your working appeoach is broke from ground up and unsipported. Your are doing it completely wrong,

Nobody cares about side effects when you misuse Plone this way.


@noirman zopyx gave you the right answer but I will try translate it so it doesn't sounds so harsh.
The fact that Plone content appears in the zmi add menu is more of an accident than anything else. Dexterity content doesn't get registered there. AT content may or may not work when added that way. If you need to add it programatically then look at plone.api. If you need some other way to add plone content not covered here then perhaps give the wider context of what you after and perhaps there is a better solution.

I don't need a translator. My reply was clearly formulated :slight_smile:


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Here's the deal, I don't want the graphics I use to style the plone to appear in the front end in some folder in the plone. Portal View Customisations don't appear in the front end either. This is a similar idea. I call the graphcs via portal_skins/cutoms/images/xyz.jpg in my stylesheeets, or page template. Everything else is done ttp.
I ignore zopyx. He never offers solutions, but only rants and raves in the highest bad temper he can muster.

that's why you should avoid it also; AFAIK, that feature is plenty of issues and must be removed from Plone.

if I understood correctly your use case, what you want is easily achievable with standard CSS rules: all items have a bunch of classes applied to the body tag that can be used for that.

as per "rants" and "own ways", follow best practices; if people here are telling you (in different ways) not to do something, follow their advice and don't do it or you'll find yourself trapped at some point in the future and nobody is going to rescue you.

even as you may not agree with his manners, most of the time Andreas has a point on his opinions and this is not the exception: instead of ignoring him, try to read between the lines of his criticism.

Let's try that again. The immediately preceding post (now deleted) was inappropriate.

If you'd like to state your questions politely then please do so.

Again, you're

  • using Plone in an improper way
  • mis-using Plone in an unsupported way
  • (constantly) ignorant on advices given by me and other ppl

Perhaps think about your working approach and your temper how you deal with advices.


P.S. where is the ignore button?

The ZMI relies strongly on DTML, which is a long deprecated templating language. Actually we want to get rid of that dependency. There are some ideas of removing the ZMI and moving it's functionality moved to the Plone front end.
I wouldn't rely on the existence of the ZMI in the long run.

Maybe you are attracted by the speed of the ZMI, which is significantly more responsive than the Plone front end?
Try to open an Dexterity edit form with the url parameter ?ajax_load=1. That's fast too, because most of Plone's UI isn't rendered. If that's the reason I'd create my own instead and remove all what isn't absolutely needed (portlet managers, viewlet managers), keep only the edit toolbar and content-core area.