Zero filled blobstorage files

Hi guys!

I've observed that my Plone Intranet has generated many zero filled blobstorages, like this:

[root@myzeoserver blobstorage]# find ./ -type f -size 0

[root@myzeoserver blobstorage]# find ./ -type f -size 0 | wc -l

24 thousand zero filled blobs... anyone can say if is it safe to delete those files? Or, if not, how to I discover where this files exists in my Plone site?

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no, it's not safe to delete them; ZODB is rock solid and, if those empty blobs are there, there's a good reason for that.

you're not providing enough information, but my guess is you have versioning enabled and you're using and old version of Products.CMFEditions or other components.

in the past we found the same issue in our sites:

so, resuming: don't delete the empty blobs and don't bother to check their origin; just keep your Plone up to date.

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