Zeopack.exe weird characters in blobstorage path

I ran into a problem for a Windows hosted Plone setup where zeopack.exe failed because the blob_dir has weird characters in it.

I assume this is happening because of file encoding and windows.
What I did to overcome this was to pass in the blostorage dir via commandline:
zeopack.exe -B C:/Plone4/var/blobstorage

Refs http://plone.293351.n2.nabble.com/Zeopack-Error-123-td7402630.html

Which version of Plone and Windows was this?

I'm not sure which repo zeopack is in but I'd report it at least in the Products.CMFPlone issue tracker.

Plone 4 and Windows Server 2012.
I really don't have a reproducible case, though.