Xmldirector.connector error with @@connector-folder-contents

I try to use xmldirector.connectot with a local filesystem configuration (file://).
I can install xmldirector.connector in my Plone site, set the "Connection URL of storage" in the "@@connector-settings" view and add a new "Connector" content type.

But, I have an error with the "@@connector-folder-contents" view.

Traceback (innermost last):
Module ZPublisher.WSGIPublisher, line 155, in transaction_pubevents
Module ZPublisher.WSGIPublisher, line 337, in publish_module
Module ZPublisher.WSGIPublisher, line 255, in publish
Module ZPublisher.mapply, line 85, in mapply
Module ZPublisher.WSGIPublisher, line 61, in call_object
Module xmldirector.connector.browser.connector, line 297, in folder_contents
Module fs.osfs, line 529, in _scandir
Module fs.osfs, line 678, in validatepath
Module fs.base, line 1481, in validatepath
TypeError: paths must be unicode (not str)

I have tested xmldirector with Plone 5.2.0/Python 2.7 and fs 2.4.8 and Plone 5.1.6/Python 2.7 and I got always the same error.

Any advice on how to solve my problem ?

Possibly an issue with Python 2.7 (vs. Python 3). Since Python 2.7 is deprecated and dead -> no further support for Python 2.7 from my side..but pull requests welcome. Also the traceback does not match any decent version of xmldirector.connector. 0.2.5 is the latest version.

At least file a bug report and re-try with the latest version.

I tried with Plone 5.2.1 on Python 3.7.5 and xmldirector.connector 0.2.7.
It works perfectly. Thank you @zopyx

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I @zopyx . I saw you remove support for Python 2 in your last release. Are you interested by a small pull request for Python 2.7 compatibilty or we forget that version forever :-). If you want to remove Python 2.7 compatibilty on master branch, I can make a pull request on a xmldirector.connector 2.4 branch to release a 2.4.7 version which is working on Python 2.7.

thanks, let me check next week. Breaking compatiblity within the 0.2 release was a mistake...but this happens sometimes when your changes are business driven..I will check the best options for keeping a version that is working with Python 2.7 as it should but continue to work on a Python 3-only version for the future.

OK. No hurry on my part. Thanks.