Wrong UI when following plone 6 new installation with packages

I am trying to get a plone6 running,
I follow th documentation Install Plone from its packages – Install — Plone Documentation v6.0
I do not get the nice page listed in the documentation
Capture d’écran du 2023-01-12 14-02-56

Without further information I only can guess: Do you access a Classic UI site with


I was installing on a remote text only machine

Now i added the graphical environement, i have the folowing :

  • connection to localhost:3000
    -> i have the 'ugly' page shown on previous post a second or two ; then it switches to the volto view
    ( by the way i have strange behaviour if i use the hostname instead of localhost )

  • connecting to localhost:8080 : i have the calssic ui view

** conecting remotely to IP:3000 : i have the uglu view

** connection remotely to IP:8080 : ( failure, no access )