Wrong robots.txt on plone.org?


when I google for Plone upgrade to Plone 4.0, google finds the right url on plone.org org, but tells me that Plone prohibits google to index the site. Because of this, I don't get a summary.
I did get this result on a customer site and via a mobile connection.
Today in our office, I get a summary.
svx, probably from netherland and probably other google servers gets the summary.
I only got the warning for the plone 3.x to 4.0 upgrade, the other upgrade results on plone.org do give me a summary.
Accessing https://plone.org/robots.txt
Shows that bots are disallowed for everything on plone.org.

I guess this has happened recently and by accident, and google will eventually remove summaries from all results step by step.

Or maybe I am wrong and we don't want to be found on google any more...

It looks like it was a by-product of the "Always https" switch, there is a robots.txt in the root that started with
if request.BASE0 != "http://plone.org":
"""User-agent: *
disallow: /
(lots of stuff)...

so, I changed it to be https://plone.org, and it works again (refresh your browser)

Sorry, had to try to see what happens

yeah, that doesn't exactly work as advertised, with the 'archiving'. Oh well. I was just trying it out; see the How to mark as answered? discussion