World Plone Office Day - WPOD


• Last Friday of the month
• Work on Plone
• Have entry-level tasks ready
• In each city meet at a company's office, socialize,some lightning talks...
• Rinse and repeat
• First meeting in Berlin: April 24th

WPOD in Berlin

Preparations are being made for the first ever WPOD in Berlin that der.Freitag will gladly host. If you happen to be around Berlin, please contact us telling that you are coming!

You are welcome during all day long. Plonistas are expected to come during the morning, enjoy some lunch together, and hack away until late afternoon.

WPOD around the world

If you happen to not be in Berlin, fear not, an irc channel will be available (#sprint on so you can feel the same experience as in any other city hosting a WPOD.

See also the blog post: whatever - Gil Forcada


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