World Plone Day Video Tutorials

I'd like to make 1 or 2 video tutorials in time for World Plone Day, I figure if we have a few other volunteers we could get more than that done in time for WPD. More importantly I'd like to work on building out a framework to support a Plone video tutorial standard.

Some easy wins would be to turn some of the existing training material into video format. In general I'd suggest keeping videos below 5 minutes (see point #1 under Supporting Tasks below).

We would need to do some background/supporting tasks:

Supporting Tasks

  1. Creating a screencasting framework (I plan to borrow heavily from )
  2. Finalizing a list of topics to cover
  3. Developing a sustainable way to manage, index and present the videos (listing view, custom content type etc.... would love to achieve this with mosaic and rapido)

Once this is done the first videos, following the framework could be created in time for WPD.

Interested? Reply here.

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Where do we collect the topics? Do you mean to host such pages on

Here are my proposed first topics:

Content management for site administrators

Managing Content
Logging in
Key Concepts (folder based paradigm, setting the default page/view)
Adding Content
Managing Content
User Accounts and Permissions
Setting the Favicon
Preferences > changing your password


(fill this out)

Not sure, in the first instance the goal is to get content out the door, existing content is more important than non-existing content. After that we can determine, with some discussion, where the videos should finally be shown.