World Plone Day 2019

Started in 2008, World Plone Day is a coordinated worldwide series of meetups, seminars, and workshops. Ranging from small gatherings to large events, this is the opportunity to promote Plone and its community.

This year, following the lead of RedTurtle, World Plone Day will be on May 20th and we need your help to organize or join local editions on your city, state, country or continent.

If you are willing to organize an event, please email me (, send me a direct message on Twitter (@ericof), or reply to this thread. (Looking at @Alexander_Loechel, @gforcada. @ericof, @sally, @tkimnguyen, @pigeonflight, @macagua, @spereverde, @djay... ).

Not in the mood to organize but would love to give a talk about Plone 5.2, Python 3, Volto, also ping me. (Looking at @tisto, @sneridagh, @pbauer, @davilima6, @robgietema).


Is there any issue with World Plone Day being run 1 week earlier in given locale (to coincide with something else happening there)?


The World Plone Day as event for promoting Plone is dead. It was already dead years ago and I don't see any reason why this should have changed?!

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It changes because someone decided it would :slight_smile:

Bravo Erico !


Well, we (RedTurtle) organize it every year and usually we have a good number of attendants.
Last year we had about 60-70 people for example.


Perhaps we all did something wrong over the last years :slight_smile:

Yes, for this year (and the short notice) it makes complete sense. Send me an email with the date and let's push it

As @cekk mentioned, they are organizing a successful event every year, so let's bring it back from the dead :wink:

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