Working on Issue #4460 Refactoring of Class Components


I'm currently working on the Navigation component located at src/components/theme/Navigation/Navigation - Issue #4460 . Before proceeding further, I'm evaluating whether converting this component to a custom hook or maybe a function would be beneficial for the reusability of the codebase.

@lamp1src You don't have to work on this yet.

Please read:

I cannot stress more the fact that we do NOT require that the candidates participate in the community nor contribute with any PR or any prior interaction before being selected. Please focus on your proposal and send it following the GSOC guidelines which are as important as the above ones.


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My apologies, I have already submitted my GSoC proposal and was trying to gain a better understanding of the codebase by testing it out. Really sorry for the inconvenience.

@sneridagh I was writing my proposal for the same and wanted to know what do you specifically expect or would be good enough to describe for this issue. Will writing a broader idea of my planned work be more helpful and easy for the team to follow, or should I be writing a detailed workflow of whatever and wherever I am planning to make changes to, as I am still trying to understand the code and app architecture better to properly plan out my timeline and understand all dependencies each component has to erase all "confusing and rushed through" code.

Sorry I've been a bit late to start, and hence wanted to focus on exactly the main points I need to understand and work on at the moment.