Working Copy Support Plone Training (pull request)

The Working Copy Support Plone training @ notes that Dexterity items are not supported. I believe this to be incorrect/outdated. How should I go about putting in a pull request to remove the notes from the docs?

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In IRC, I did get some interesting insight.

anonymous: PloneHappy I still wonder what happens to the baseline … I mean richttext-Fields and their links to images checkout when the content is folderish … I known was not meant to work for folderish but folderish is the standard at my sites here … Also scary if a lot of content is an folder

Dexterity items are indeed supported: we have it working with collective.cover, for instance; if you can and want to fix the documentation, please do it.

yes please. The same is true for Placeful workflows

I made the changes, and they are embodied @

This needs review by someone wiser than myself. Just tell me if I need to do anything else. Thank you.

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There is an old and still existing problem with working copy on folders if they contain lots of items.

I think this is important enough to be added to the documentation; PR are welcome :wink:

I am going to have to sign the Plone Contributor Agreement before I can make the changes official, and the legal counsel at our company consists of one person who is not in the office today. hvelarde, as I understand it you believe that the Note should not be removed but updated to say something such as: "Working Copy Support has limited support for Dexterity content types. The limitation is that there are some outstanding issues with folderish items that contain many items." Does that cover it?

I think you may not need to sign the Plone Contributor Agreement for that; according to the Contributor’s Agreement for Plone Explained:

We enthusiastically welcome patches, but we can't merge them until you sign and return a contributor's agreement. (Unless, in the judgement of the Plone Release Manager, the patch is so tiny as not to constitute a "creative work." See the Policy for Contributor Agreements and Patches for more detail on this policy.)

I did go ahead and add the note that is more specific about the support and known issues.

If it is deemed to be 100% accurate and adds value to the docs, then I will need someone with the right privileges to merge it. I also wonder: how does this get propagated to the actual training page?

@svx or @polyester will usually merge docs but for Mastering Plone maybe @pbauer

I think eventually @svx deploys to

@jrobinson get in touch with @tkimnguyen about the Plone Contributor's Agreement if you can't provide it, usually for docs there's an alternative way (@tkimnguyen, we still didn't made a PR but we have plans to it soon!)

Thanks @idgserpro!

Here is how you can contribute to the docs if you haven't signed the contributor agreement:

for (and I would guess, in extension, it is not necessary to sign a Contributor Agreement.

If signing that is an issue for legal or other reasons, it is enough to include a note/comment in your pull request to say "I give permission that this contribution can be published under Creative Commons 4 license, with attribution to the Plone Foundation. "

(we do not want attributions under individual authorship, because that would be a nightmare to maintain...)