Workflowmanager 2.0 Beta!

The new UI overhaul for is now in beta, and we're hoping to hear some feedback on it :smile:

The old UI has been replaced with an interactive graph model that makes workflows much easier to understand, and to to navigate through.

Click here for a short demo video showing some of the features.

Please feel free to submit any bugs/suggestions either to me (, or to the github repo:

Let me know what you think!

P.S: You can get a hold of it from pypi: or by specifying version 2.0b1 in buildout


Very cool!

I don't think that layouting big workflows is so big issue, because big workflows are hard also for users and should probably be splitted to multiple smaller ones (e.g. using parallel workflows or changing workflow by moving content to a folder with a different local workflow).

Have you tried it on Plone 5 yet?

@datakurre don't forget the huge workflow I showed you in Bristol... :slight_smile: Whether we allow users to create big workflows or require them to break it up into multiple workflows (then have to add the 'move to different folder' logic, or add UI for parallel workflows) still ends up with the same overall complexity. We also had seen that once you give power users a tool, they will find ways to exploit it in ways you wouldn't have imagined!

@tkimnguyen I cannot forget it :), but I still keep that it's the workflow (too complex for simple humans), which is broken, not the editor :wink:

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@sschwartz Any possibility you're willing to work on getting this in core? Please see PLIP 10804!

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@jaroel I've definitely been meaning to get around to it! I haven't had the time to work on it as much as I did before, but I certainly want to.

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That would be awesome!