Workflow transition on defaultPage is propagated to its container

Step to reproduce on a vanilla plone5.2 or plone6 classic:

  • create a folder BAR
  • create a page BAZ inside BAR
  • Publish both BAR and BAZ
  • set BAZ as default page of BAR
  • Retract publication on page BAZ


  • changed the BAZ state only


  • changed BAR state also

The same happens if page BAZ and foler BAR are private and you publish the page BAZ. You'll get BAR published also.

The same happens despite the workflow associated on the contents. It seems that the matters is the ID of the transaction applied.

Is this a BUG or a feature? :thinking:


It's a Bug, if you repeat your steps in the folder_contents view and set state of the page 'bar' via state-button, then only the page is private. Please open an issue.


Here at the CMFPlone issue tracker please

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Thank you guys.
Here it is: Workflow transition on defaultPage is propagated to its container · Issue #3932 · plone/Products.CMFPlone · GitHub



Well, this is the behavior of Plone since ever (at least 4.x) ... I would not define this as a bug. If a Folder has a default page and you only change the state of the page, you would have to go to the folder_contents always to change the state of the folder too ... this adds IMHO extra complexity to the already complex "default page" thinking ...

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