Workflow state anomolies

Hi. I used c.exportimport to migrate a site from a 4.3 to plone 6 but now I see weirdness wrt workflow state. Some items are in a private state yet when I search anonymously they appear in the results. If I publish and retract, they don't appear. I cleared and rebuilt the catalog but that didn't help. Is there anything else I can do besides walking the entire site?

I'd check what is in the brains in the catalog.

Go to your version of , click on one of the brains and check for allowedRolesAndUsers.

For example, the path /Plone/en/demo/a-folder/a-page-inside-a-folder has ['Anonymous'].

Thanks @jaroel, I found a brain that is private and allowedRolesAndUsers has ['Anonymous']. And it's the same in the 4.3 site. So the good news is I didn't introduce the issue in the migration process but how did it get there in the first place and how can I fix it?

Note that the permission to see the objects in the catalog is now "Access content information", on Plone 4.3 it was "View".

That might explain your issue.

See fix allowedRolesAndUsers by using 'Access contents information' by agitator · Pull Request #2723 · plone/Products.CMFPlone · GitHub

I'm assuming you're looking at a brain of a page that is showing the incorrect behaviour, right?

This is correct @jaroel