Workflow permissions for group TTW

I have a workflow with the 4 states, something like:

  1. For assessment
  2. Accepted
  3. Ready for Collection
  4. Delivered

I made a group 'Group 1', which has all permissions to a folder, so both the members and 'Admins' can change from workflow state 1 to 2 or 3 or 4 (directly).

Workflow state can also be changed from 2 to 3 and 3 to 4.

Now, for testing this with some users, we want to have these permissions:

a) Admin can change from state 1 (For assessment ) to all others (as it is now)
b) 'Group 1' can only change from 2 (after it has been 'Accepted')

Can changing workflow permission like this be done TTW ?
If yes: how ?

Also: Is it possible to change the 'Order of the Workflow transitions TTW' ( In the action menu, they currently show as 1,3,2,4 instead of 1,2,3,4)

yes you can do this via zmi, but it's a little bit complex. i build all my workflows in the zmi and export this after this work to filesystem. all transitions can guarded via a permission or role. should have the "group 1" all permissions on folder, but a restricted set of permissions on child? if so, then you should use "Placeful Workflow – Plone Workflow — Plone Training 2022 documentation"

usually i copy an existing workflow and change this step by step. don't forget to click "update security" in portal workflow.

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You can "guard" the transition based on permission, role, group and an expression.

I am a bit confused about how to guard the same transition (from two different states). I assume there is an Expression I could put in the 'Guard Expression' ( Workflow state is '2' or member is 'Manager' maybe ). Is it possible to user plone.api expressions to get the workflow state ?

PS: Clicking the [?] in the Guard Expression gives an error/not found.

The file has been converted to rst and moved to another directory. A copy can be found from the link below: