Workflow of Plone

I am new in Plone and developing a new egg and unable to understand the workflow of Plone how it call content , profile and browser folders.?

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As indicated by Guido, the documentation is a very good resource to discover Plone.

You might also find useful to read the Plone training:

Thanks for resource but i am working over developed egg to enhance functionality structure of that egg:


unable to understand how these folder structure are correlated to each other

As stated: you have to read the documentation first or check with the Plone 4 book by Martin Aspeli.


Yes, read this book, it's very good

anyone tell the workflow in detail.


Motivation -> Read -> Think -> Understand

Sorry for being the bitch :stuck_out_tongue:


This is not because we don't want, that's just because explaining how a Plone egg like yours works is a very very long explanation that we cannot copy/paste here.
We already took care to write down this long explanation so beginners like you can learn about Plone.
And that's why we are inviting you to read what we wrote.

If that's how you engage people that are taking the trouble to respond constructively to your questions, you have more to learn than just technology.

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I am one of the original main authors of the free Plone training.
Reading questions like this one make me angry. Quite a few people here have invested a lot of time to explain everything. The documentation is not perfect, but it is available and up to date.

Asking such basic questions shows that the author did not spend time to search for information before asking. Eric Raymond has once written a good article: How To Ask Questions The Smart Way
Read this too, if you want better replies.

The first question showed a bad preparation. The follow up questions showed unwillingness to spend time reading the documentation we wrote.

I am not sure what makes you think that your time is too valuable to read the documentation, and why you might think that our spare time is so plenty that we can teach you the very basics we already documented.