[Windows 10] Unable to find plink.exe

Hello Plone community,

I tried to install plone on windows 10 with Vagrant Kit, which worked successfully. Now im trying to start Plone in its folder by usind the command "plonectl fg" but im always getting the same message "Unable to find plink.exe. Please make sure plink.exe is installed".

Plink is installed and theres the plink.cmd in the Plone folder. Ive also checked the plink.cmd for the correct path of the PuTTy installation. At this point ive no idea how to solve the problem and i hope you are able to help me.

Thank you - phil31

@phil31: I've not used plink myself, but in general Windows requires that DOS commands be available in the system PATH. I did a quick check on plink (to find out what it was) and there's plink setup documentation, both temporarily and permanently.

My guess is that although the command is included in the installer, it is not added to the PATH for some reason. Perhaps you could add it manually per those instructions and see if that solves your problem?

But why would trying to start Plone inside the vagrant cause an error about a plink.exe (a Windows binary)?