Will there be lightning talks at the 2020 conference?

Is there a plan for lightning talks this year?

Yes. Lightning talks need to be prerecorded and send until (IIRC) Nov 21th. At the (now closed) talk submission form there was also a possibility to submit lighting talks. But AFAIK there is still room for some talks. Currently I do not know how to submit proposals. I am sure @cdw9 knows the details and corrects me.

Yes, lightning talks can still be submitted at the same form: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSdUYas_sVxMxWBxBfIU67tEN0KlQIzvGnq69bvwgKivLj518Q/viewform

We do not have room for any more regular talks. We are working on putting together information about the lightning talks to send out. But we are asking that they be pre-recorded to limit time switching between speakers. Videos will need to be submitted by Nov 24


Thanks @cdw9.

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