Widgets (and other) for Dexterity types

Is there a simple TTW (from the dexterity type definition form) way to choose the widget for a dexterity field?
For example I'm defining a Simple List field that I would like to be displayed as radio or checkbox?
Or a Relation Choice as Checkbox?

Thank you

Yes, you could do this in the dexterity content types:


Something like:

  <field name="mype" type="zope.schema.Something">
  <form:widget type="z3c.form.browser.radio.RadioFieldWidget"/>

Thank you Espen,

I kwno that way, but this is definitly not user friendly at all. There should be a nicer way to do that for the end users with a widget drop down selection in the dx field form.

The same for the groups of fields. How can I delete a group of fields? Even if the group is empty, there is not button to delete the group.
And if I want to move a field from a group to another one?

And there shoud be a way (checkbox) to add the dx field to the catalog, so that it can be directly accessible in Collections filters automatically without having to go to the ZMI and add it manually in the indexes and metadata.

To my point of view, all those things should be possible to make directly from the end user TTW in the DX type definition form.

(of course, easy to say, diffcult to implement but well, end user experience is important, isn'it?)

please open issues (one issue per feature request) on the Plone issue tracker for all those enhancements.

@MartronicSA it's a good idea. One had thought of adding to collective.listingviews.