Why is Volto "overriding" classical dexterity types

plone.volto kind of "overrides" some classical dexterity content type like Document, Event or News Item by adding the volto.blocks behaviour (see plone.volto default types).

Doing so it is not trival to use the original functionality of those content types (like e.g. classical forms with fields not simply in the sidebar).

I'm wondering why this decision was taken instead of creating new volto specific content types like e.g. "BlockDocument" or "BlocNewsItem" and leaving the dexterity types unchanged.

In my opinion this would allow a "peacefully" co-existence between Volto and Classic content in the same site. As well as allowing smooth-er migrations from Classic sites to Volto.

I'd like to understand the rationale behind this decision. Is there any documentation, talks or discussions about this?

I've already read different posts here like for instance Can Plone classic and Volto coexist? or Volto and Event content type.

This decision was taken long time ago, and it needs to be documented properly... sorry for the brevity here you are the reasoning behind.

The changes are:

  • All content types are folderish
  • No Folder content type
  • No Collections

All content types are folderish

This was not the first time this feature was put on the table in Plone history, and given the UX pushed by PastanagaUI it made very much sense. So a content, contains their own resources, images and files. This helps for tidiness and users find it more usable.

No Folder content type

Once all content types are folderish, then the Folder content type looses its meaning, and it's redundant.

No collections

Collections feature set was superseded by the listing block in Volto, so it also was redundant to keep it around.