Why is the contributors team is removed from the github

I got the email that the contributor's team is removed from Git Hub. What does it mean?

Thank you for reporting. I did not expect its deletion either. I've notified the Admin and Infrastructure team to look into it. Someone will follow up within the next day or two. Please stand by.

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@Akshat2Jain This was a mistake I made 3 days ago when I did some user maintenance on the GitHub plone organisation. I will restore the team and members today. There is no security/permmission impact as far as I can see.

Once you sign the Contributor agreement, you will be added to the Plone Organisation and added to the Contributors Team. But the base permissions for members on the Organisation apply to you.

After doing some contributions to Plone on GitHub and working together with other Developers/Teams you can request to be 'upgraded' to the Developers team. Only then you will get more (specifically direct commit) access to repositories instead of having to create a fork and do a pull requests from your personal account/space on GitHub.

We had to introduce this basic ladder/roster system in March '23 because not all new contributors had a good understanding on how to cooperate on the code and issues on GitHub.

edit: First-time contributors – Contributing to Plone — Plone Documentation v6.0

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The Contributors team has been re-created and all previous members have been re-added.