Why do we validate form fields?

There are at least two case in the Plone control panel where negative values where accepted without validation error where only values larger 0 make sense. I reported at least two issues and both got closed with the comment "why would one do that", "why would one enter negative values"...are you guys serious? If a particular value should larger zero then it should be validated...that's why we have validators...or am I missing the point? As a consequence we should disable all validators and depend on the intelligence of the user to enter valid values only.

Sorry but this had to be said.


Yes, they are bugs and should not be closed.

I think some might be getting frustrated with these particular bug reports from you in light of your previous post criticizing the release date. This behavior has been this way for probably 5 years now and you never thought it was a big deal before.

It was wrong to close it. Decent form validation is of course important.

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please reopen with link to this post, in order to keep reference.

Done and issue fixed.