Why are admin and site admin permissions displayed

looking at the attached image, why in the sharing link aren't site admin and admin assigned permissions?

I understand inherited permissions, which I assume is what admin/site admin have the permissions. However, the wording below the table state: "In the overview the symbol (check) indicates an inherited value" there are no checks

Do I misunderstand this wording?

forgot to add image

There is no image


"Site Admin" shound be changed in "Content Admin". You need it to manage mostly two things more than "Can Modify": portlets and control panel.

There's an addon which add "Site Admin" to sharing: https://github.com/collective/collective.delegatesiteadmin (also in pypi) and this ticket open: #10878 (Add "Site Administrator" role)

IMHO, "Manager" and "Site Admin" should be added to Sharing. At least "Site Admin" to be able to let people manage portlets for content they don't own.

@yurj thanks for your input. I added the image @zopyx let me know if forgot.

I'm not sure what you mean by the addon adding Site admin to sharing. Site Admin and Admin are both on the share tab, they just don't have any indications they have permissions (which of course, they do)

Unless I misunderstand this approach, this is a usability issue as it is confusing as to the permissions shown.

am I missing the intention of this display table?