Which part of Plone replaces some less variables in a theme?

When compiling less files in a theme, some less variables are overriden by the ones defined in https://raw.githubusercontent.com/plone/mockup/master/mockup/patterns/toolbar/variables.less.

To reproduce it:

  • Create a new Theme, e.g. xyz
  • Create and save a file xyz.less with following content
@plone-link-color: pink;
p { color: @plone-link-color; }
  • LESS-compile the file to xyz.css. The output is:
/* line 4, */
p {
  color: #007bb3;


  • When making a copy of Barceloneta-Theme or inherit it, you might want to set @plone-link-color to your favourite color (e.g. pink. You would assume that assigning a value to @plone-link-color would do it. But no. Plone prepends the value #007bb3 from the above mentioned url by compiling. So that (if you simple want to change @plone-link-color) you must change it at least in 17 places where it is used in the different less files.
  • When making your own theme you must not use any of the involved variables (see below).
  • In seminars teaching how to customize Plone you must answer why this happens. And explain whether this is best practice.


  • Where in Plone is that happening?
  • Why is that happening?
  • Is there a way to disable it?

Variables involved

@plone-gray-light, @plone-link-color, @plone-gray-lighter, @plone-toolbar-bg, @plone-toolbar-submenu-bg, @plone-toolbar-font-primary, @plone-toolbar-font-secondary, @plone-toolbar-separator-color, @plone-toolbar-link, @plone-toolbar-text-color, @plone-toolbar-submenu-text-color, @plone-toolbar-submenu-header-color, @plone-toolbar-published-color, @plone-toolbar-draft-color, @plone-toolbar-pending-color, @plone-toolbar-private-color, @plone-toolbar-internal-color, @plone-toolbar-internally-published-color, @plone-screen-xs-max, @plone-screen-xs-min, @plone-screen-sm-min, @plone-screen-md-min, @plone-screen-lg-min, @plone-left-toolbar-expanded, @plone-left-toolbar, @plone-toolbar-submenu-width, @plone-container-sm, @plone-container-md, @plone-container-lg

The values are set in the browser: http://localhost:8000/Plone/@@resourceregistry-controlpanel

@mtrebron: Thanks.

  • why are those variables defined in the ressource registry?
  • how to tell a theme or Plone not to override those variables in the theme?


  • why is Barceloneta-theme suggesting that those variables are defined in variables.plone.less if they are overriden?

We find two kind of variables in Barceloneta:

  • Variables used in Barceloneta which are defined both in the resoure registry and in Barceloneta.
    Those variables are redundant and superfluos in Barceloneta.
  • Variables used in Barceloneta which are defined only in the resoure registry but not in Barceloneta.
    @custom-toolbar-draft-color, @custom-toolbar-pending-color, @custom-toolbar-private-color, @custom-toolbar-internal-color, @custom-toolbar-internally-published-color.

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