Where is my zope.conf file?

Hi all,

I installed Plone on a digitalocean Ubuntu droplet using these instructions: https://docs.plone.org/4/en/manage/deploying/production/ubuntu_production.html

I haven't set up reverse proxy with nginx yet. I am just using it as a test for now, so I don't need to do that yet.

I think Plone is in /usr/local/Plone and plone4.conf is in /etc/supervisor/conf.d/

However, I can't figure out where the zope instance is, or where the zope.conf file is located. Any help would be appreciated.

If Plone is in /usr/local/Plone and you created a standalone instance then
zope.conf should be in /usr/local/Plone/parts/instance/etc.

Thanks @mikemets I found it!!! Not exactly but close and very helpful!!! It's in /usr/local/Plone/zeocluster/parts/client1/etc


@dcplebranch It's too late but the next time when you search for a file you can use the builtin locate or find commands.

e.g. find /usr/local -name zope.conf

Thanks @jugmac00 that's good advice for the future! :slight_smile:

Just to be sure: You probably do not want to edit that file directly (since running buildout might overwrite it)

@espenmn how would i edit it INdirectly then? thanks in advance

you can always edit your buildout config or whatever config file you use and add to your instance (or zeo clientx) and zeoserver like directives:

zeo-conf-additional =
zope-conf-imports =
zope-conf-additional =

refer to plone.recipe.zope2instance or plone.recipe.zeoserver for additional configuration options you may need.

Now when you run buildout with your additional configuration components listed, the resulting zope.conf in /parts won't need to be edited. AS stated, editing /parts/etc/zope.conf which you is inviting a misconfiguration exercise/accident that will drive you insane somewhere in the future.