Where can I find the reasoning behind using LESS in Plone?

Hi All,

As part of the ploneintranet/plonesocial work that is currently under way we are working on a common toolset for developers to use. I've been trying to find the discussion or some documentation/reasoning behind the decision to use LESS so that I can understand why and explain this to others.

All I've been able to find are some references to the discussion this thread on the mailing list:
" I remember that long time ago we discussed about OOCSS and LESS/SASS..."

and here on the plone user interface google group:

Does anyone know where I can find this information or explain it to me please?



IIRC, it basically came down to the ones who were willing to do the work used LESS.

Both technologies are good and get the job done.

We didn't make a white paper on the decision or anything though :slight_smile: DOcocracy.

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Ah, I understand. Thanks for the info.