Where can I buy a Plone running shirt?

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I'm looking for a Plone running shirt to wear at running events. Are there any? If so, where can I get one? If not, where would I find resources (like layouts used for existing Plone T shirts) to print my own?

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Hi Thomas - you can download the Plone logo pack here to make your own: https://plone.org/foundation/copyright-licensing-logo/Plone%20Logo%20Pack%20v1.zip/view

Other people might have tshirt templates they could share, but I don't think we have any on plone.org


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That sounds like a cool idea.

We got some Plone t-shirts printed for Kiwi Pycon last year, using these files as a starting point:



A while ago we looked at some "on demand" t-shirt (and other clothing items, mugs, etc.) ordering sites and the cost of each t-shirt was quite high. When we order batches of t-shirts for conferences, for example, we get decent discounts because of the number we order. As a fundraiser, it would make sense if the price of a shirt, including shipping, was low enough that it wouldn't be a hurdle.

Leave an on-demand shop running with a note of 'contact foo@plone.org for interest in a mass order'? Revenue is revenue.

It seems to me that short run option for "merch" isn't likely to be a particularly fruitful fundraiser. There are still benefits from having an easy option available for people to order. Promo is promo :wink:

I fully agree - I don't see this as a fundraiser, also because I don't expect the demand to be very high. But I think it's a good option to increase the visibility of Plone.

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Would an enterprising person do some research to identify likely t-shirt / merchandising on-demand shops we could do this with?

I got a bit sidetracked by other tasks recently, but two days ago I finally ordered two shirts at an on-demand shop as an experimental move. They are due to arrive in the next days, I will post an update once I have them.

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Hi all,

yesterday the running shirts finally arrived:


Design is really simple, my main goal was to leave enough space for the bib number on the front so it would not cover the Plone logo. Thanks @cdw9 and @ezvirtual for your input!

At 27,95 EUR + shipping I'd say they're moderately expensive compared to other (german) suppliers. There's a discount for ordering higher numbers. The design is stored with the on-demand service so I can print more T-Shirts if needed. The choice of suppliers was a bit limited by the fact that many of them require you to order a minimum amount of ~10 T-Shirts.

The quality of the fabric is good and the shirt has double seams and looks quite durable. Print quality is also good and survived the first washing cycle (though it will wear off eventually I suppose).

I'm quite happy with the overall result and think the T-Shirt will work well for this season. But of course I'm also looking forward to any feedback for future iterations. Already on my personal wishlist is sleeve printing, I couldn't find a supplier who provides this.

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just for info, @acsr di a layout for some Plone polo shirts we used for some events.

Knowing @acsr he will be picky about reusing old designs :slight_smile:

Those look nice! What's the URL of the store (if you don't mind)?

I would like to include the URL Plone.com in our logo somehow (e.g. instead of "Plone" use "Plone.com". We'd need a designer to review/update our logo pack.

Changing Plone to Plone.com is a simple task. Just double check that your image settings follow the print shop rules. Last time we bought the Shirts and Hoodies ourselves and then called a local print shop to ask about qualities, prices, etc. We had to pay ~15 Dollars per print for the second expensive quality. I have seen good and bad qualities from "internet" print shops and I would strongly suggest that you look for a local print shop.

Shop URL is https://unique-sportstime.de

plone.com/plone.org is what I wanted on the sleeve (but couldn't find a supplier who offered sleeve printing).
But typing only Plone in the browser address bar immediately directs me to plone.org anyway :slight_smile:

I agree it's a good idea to look for a local shop once you want more than only one or two shirts. As for the prices I guess they differ a lot depending on where the shop is located. But they are also depending on the type of T-Shirt - in Germany buying a quality running shirt (without print) for less than 20 EUR will be difficult.

I was referring actually to the Plone logo guidelines, which currently are strict about what is allowed

I'm wearing my new Plone running shirt for the first time today and I'm happy to confirm that it works: I'm rushing through client tickets like crazy :running_man: