When will Plone 5.1 be released?

Is there some plan when Plone 5.1 will be released? I could not find any such information on the web. However, I saw that a second release candidate was published on Christmas eve 2017, which suggests to me that a Plone 5.1 release should not be that far ahead.

Ads far as I knowe the release of 5.1 is scheduled for March 1st

Is this information published somewhere?

Can some release manager or similar person confirm this?

Disclaimer: I'm part of the release team

If the final release dragged that much these last months was mostly due to the last security hotfix, our policy is to merge all hotfixes patches upstream before a new Plone release can be made.

Unfortunately this time there were some patches that needed to be merged on zope packages and get released, this delayed the process until this very last weekend.

Fortunately, now the roadblocks are all gone and in some weeks, we are all volunteers, the final release will be done.

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A big Thanks to you and all the volunteers on the release team.

I am also excited about 5.1 coming out, there are many improvements I want to use.

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