What's the scope of upcoming Plone 5.2?

Continuing the discussion from Report from Plone Open Garden 2017, roadmap discussion:

I have seen some work on Plone 5.2 and according to the "roadmap" made public some months ago, it will:

  • deprecate Archetypes
  • include Zope 4
  • include REST API

is that correct or did I miss something?

I think dropping Archetypes is big enough that it shouldn't be done in 5.2, no?

no, dropping Archetypes should be done in 6.0; we are adding deprecation warnings only.


Does Zope4 mean going WSGI and thus not having a ZServer with WebDAV, FTP and friends?

WSGI will be an option (and the default in Plone 6), but Zope 4 can still be used with ZServer on Python 2.

David Glick

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The main architectural features we discussed in Barcelona are

Plone 5.2

  • Zope 4, with ZServer by default
  • Deprecation warning for Archetypes

Plone 6.0

  • Drop Archetypes from core
  • Python 3
  • Zope 4, with WSGI by default

There will certainly be other features, but these are the ones that really decide what the version number will be.


What about plone.login? It would be a nice addition to have in Plone 5.2 but certainly needed for 6.0. Nobody wants to port CMFFormController to Python 3.

...and I think we want to have a significant user-facing change (theme or UI) to go to 6.0.

What about the python version and UI .

The roadmap for Plone 5.2 is perfectly fine it needs further documentation and communication what "Plone 5.2 compatibility" means for add-ons. A Plone add-on being "compatible with Plone 5.2" could be Python 2.7 only. Python 3.x only or Python 2.7+3.X compatible. An add-on running on Archetypes could be Plone 5.2 compatible when running under 2.7 but it would be potentially incompatible with Plone 5.2 on Python 3....

My understanding is that Archetypes will not be ported to Python 3.

I believe Python 3.6 and 3.7. The UI will be as it is currently in Plone 5.1. There are future directions for Plone UI; see Thank you, Plone Conference 2018 Tokyo!

plone.login was already merged at the buschenschanksprint: https://github.com/plone/Products.CMFPlone/pull/2445

Correct. That's why "Plone 5.2 compatibility" must be always seen with respect to the underlaying Python version.

I think it is always a good idea to declare troove classifiers correctly in an Addons setup.py/.cfg. This includes the Python version. If an Addon depends on Archetypes, it can be made Plone 5.2/Python 2.7 compatible. I would not call it 100% Plone 5.2 compatible then and would recommend to add a visible warning in the README anyway.