What to do after submitting proposal for gsoc?

Should we just wait? Will we get proposal reviews?
In my opinion even if we get reviews, it will take a few days, I expect lots of proposals because Plone has well prepared documentation on gsoc application, so applicants can understand what needs to be done easier. Thank you in advance.

Mentors have access to the submitted proposals and are encouraged to look at the proposal and give leadership and feedback for the submitted the proposals. However, this is not a must. As a mentor, I will likely look two times at individual proposals for my own topic and giving feedback before aspirants submit their final proposal.


How do we get to know about the reviews of our proposal?

As mentioned, mentors can review submitted proposals before the deadline after they don't have to.
Since the GSCO portal does not support any kind of review support/discussion about reviews, the related mentor(s) might get in touch with you. But as said: there is no official obligation of mentors to review proposals before the official submission. For my own topic, I already reviewed four proposals and asked for clarifications and asked for more specific statements regarding the topic and the depth of information provided.