What is the equivalent of IMultiPageSchema in Dexterity?

I'm trying to upgrade an Archetypes content type to dexterity but in my Archetypes, I use the IMultiPageSchema so I can have a multi-page edit form. What is the equivalent of IMultiPageSchema in Dexterity?

Hi Rafael :slight_smile: Is the multi-page edit form intended to require saving before you can edit the next set of values?

Unreleated but I am currently working on a vue-form-generator based solution for multipage edit forms where we define the forms as JSON schema and store the data in a small DX proxy instance.

The reason for our approach were some fancy customer requirements like a configurable per-field security and some validation requirements that did not fit the Dexterity approach. Only the Dublin Core metadata are managed through Dexterity. Our solution does not replace DX but is supplementary to DX in case a more UI centric editing approach.


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Enhancing the Dexterity TTW content type editor to allow validation and per-field security would be a lovely project... maybe too much for GSoC?

@tkimnguyen No I think it would be about the perfect size and very useful. Now apparently you need to generate a lot of discussion next to have it considered for GSOC.

Hi Kim, I have two product, for one I do need to save the set of values before moving to the next set, for the other, I can use the fieldset and create the javascript, but I was trying not to modify the theme or registry.

I did some searching but can't find an answer... there are some hardcore Dexterity folks who should be able to say if that feature was dropped entirely or perhaps replaced by something else.

BTW, proper multipage forms are not super simple. You either do it all in JS and never submit between pages... but then you kind of have to also implement client side validation on the next button as people except validation per page. Or you save on each "next" which is also not what everyone wants. Making forms JS only is also not an option everyone wants since progressive enhancement (ie should still kind of work without js) is also something some people want. We spent a lot of work making this work in Plomino. It's not easy.

I see that z3c.form has support for subforms, described in https://github.com/zopefoundation/z3c.form/blob/master/src/z3c/form/subform.rst ... not sure if it's what you need, or how usable it is from Plone

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