What is Plone used for? Why?

This may look silly. Kindly help me understand the actual use of plone and its advantage over it. You guys can post response with where you use plone and why do you prefer it. If it is confidential atleast tell me why you use plone.

Are you looking for more info than can be found here https://plone.com/ ?

I want some developers point of view on plone thats why

Sorry but please ask specific question instead starting pointless and unfocused discussions.

Plone is a content management system and most people use it for the purpose of content management, web content management in particular.

Thats what i want . Dont want specific on one topic . want people to share their point of view on plone.

For content management problems, Plone is IMO a very good choice.
I use Plone as a content management framework and build customized solutions on top of it.
To keep the amount of customizations as low as possible I try to generalize my customizations where ever possible and bring them upstream or build a plugin for that.
I love Plone's software architecture based on the Zope Component Framework which allows extensions based on the adapter/interface contracts concept without having to hack core components.

For non-content management problems (e.g. data-heavy applications) Plone might not be the best fit but Pyramid, Django or Guillotina.


thanks for sharing your point of view bro...