What is our alternative to the old portal_skins + custom folder?

I'm wondering what we should use instead of portal_skins + customize folder.
How can i provide such TTW override mechanism in a modern way?
i thought plone.resources should the replacement for portal_skins but, it doesn't seem to fulfill the requirements or it is not well documented how to use it in such way.

What we need:

  • templates in file system
  • overriding them TTW like with the old custom folder
  • restricted python is fine here

This should not work only in a theme :wink:

Any hints or ideas?

Not tried it a lot, but isn't https://github.com/collective/collective.jbot your friend here?

Ok, maybe not for Plone 5 (see https://github.com/collective/collective.jbot/issues/7)

I don't override templates. It normally ends up a mess as effectively replace the entire template when often you only want to make a few changes. I normally use either just diazo to change the parts of the page I want, or a combination or diazo +c.listingviews or diazo + rapido. Rapido lets you use snippets of zpt or python and diazo lets you replace the parts of the page you want with it.